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60's Austin Gassers - East Coast History

EAST COAST Austin Gassers:
Jim Oddy:
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Jim Oddy (76K)

Jim Oddy (New York) won the unblown B/G Coupe class at the 1965 Nationals and then moved up to AA/G with a very clean Austin. The 1948 Austin tudor sedan was a showcase for Jim's talents as a painter, bodyman, and engine builder. Jim put in a straight tube axle with '40 Willys spindles on the ends, and a late Olds rear end. Jim's engines were built at Gor-Dean Automotive where Jim was the shop manager.

The Austin had a 480" Chrysler engine with a Delta crank, Venolia forged aluminum pistons, M/T rods, an Engle 440-10 cam, Donovan rockers, and Mondello grinding on the heads. A Vitar re-engineered TorqueFlite transmission was used. With the use of Anderson Industries fiberglass one-piece tilt up front clip, the Austin weighted in at 2420 pounds. The car was painted a beautiful Sapphire Mist lacquer by George Oliver. Upholstery was done by Pete Hillen of Rochester, New York. It ran a 9.43 ET and set the NASCAR record for A/GS at 145.16 MPH. The car ran AA/GS through 1968 and often ran in BB/A at NHRA meets.

Leonard Cottrell and Kenny Reichard:
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Leonard Cottrell and Kenny Reichard (69K)

Leonard Cottrell and Kenny Reichard (Maryland) ran a beautiful AA/GS Austin two door sedan from 1967 to 1970. It had an all fiberglass body by Contemporary Fiberglass with a top chopped by Chuck Finders. The front end and doors were fiberglass by Anderson Industries.

The 467" Chevy engine featured a Herbert cam, Donovan valves, Mondello heads and rods from CSC. A Herbert experimental injector lies atop a Hampton-reworked 6-71. Power runs through a B&M Tork-Flite transmission to a 4.30 Olds third member. Len Cottrell built the tube chassis. Front suspension consists of a transverse spring over a solid dropped axle. Shocks, front and rear, are Cure-Ride. The paint job was multi-Metalflake green by Trupo Specialties.

Bill Drake:
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Bill Drake (29K)

Bill Drake of Rochester, New York and his A/G Austin "OL' RUMBLE GUTS" ran record setting performances on nearly every outing.

Newell Bros.:
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Newell Bros. (83K)


Photo by:  Ross Martin

Poole Bros:
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Poole Bros (48K)

Poole Bros from Baltimore, Maryland ran this B/A Austin A40 two-door sedan.

Lemma Bros. & Hence:
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Lemma Bros. and Hence (84K)

Lemma Brothers and Hence ran this four door Austin Devon with a 392 Chrysler and a Boss Hydro. Owner of the car was Hugh Lemma from Kirkwood, New Jersey. This photo was taken at Atco Raceway in 1963.

Photo supplied by:  Rocky Pirrone

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