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Austin Scuttles

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The Austin A40 and A70 chassis was used by specialist builders to provide vehicles for commercial usage. These vehicles were built from a donor vehicle (usually a pick-up truck) or may have come from the factory as a "scuttle", a chassis with bonnet, front wings, and cab only. Variations of these commercials include: gown vans, ice cream vans, fire trucks, and delivery vans. The model specification is not well documented. The British Motor Industry Heritage Trust production record trace on a 1951 A40 Fire Tender shows the model as a GQC4.

A40 chassis/scuttles, model GVR5, were manufactured between September 1954 and March 1957.

A70 chassis/scuttles, model BQR3, were manufactured from June 1951 to October 1954.


A40 Gown Van (BJM 567) - England

A40 Gown Van - England (36K)

A40 Gown Van - England (33K)

These "gown vans" were used to delivery ladies dresses.


WALL'S Ice Cream Van - England

Wall's Ice Cream Van - England (14K)

ICES - England

A40 Ice Cream Van - England (37K)

ICE CREAM VAN - Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, England

Ice Crean Van - Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, England (33K)

PEPE'S ICES - California

Pepe's Ices - California (39K)

This 1954 Austin A40 ice cream van was based on a GQU4 pick-up converted by Gibson of Leith.

Prior to being imported from Scotland to California in 1987, PEPE'S ICES was featured in the movie "LEAVING",
a comedy centering round the lives of three Scottish schoolmates who are in the last weeks of their school careers in
the summer of 1960 and contemplating decisions that will be crucial to their futures.


A40 Fire Tender - California

A40 Fire Tender (39K)

This 1951 Austin A40 Fire Tender was based on a GQC4 chassis supplied from the Austin factory in the form of a
chassis with bonnet, front wings and cab only. It came "not painted" (primer only).

The truck originally saw service in the Cheddar Gorge area south of Bristol.

In 1982 the Norfolk Fire Service Historic and Preservation Society acquired the truck and displayed it in a fire
museum in Norwich.

In May of 1987 the truck was purchased from the museum by a private party.

The truck was imported to California in 1991 and participates in local "all British" car shows and attends musters
of SPAAMFAA (Society for the Preservation and Appreciation of Antique Motor Fire Apparatus in America).


A40 Shoe Delivery (MLA 636) - England

A40 Shoe Truck (59K)

The delivery fleet for "DOLCIS - for distinctive shoes" included (left to right):
1) A40 Shoe Delivery built on a 1950 A40 scuttle (MLA 636)
2) 1948 A40 Panel Delivery (EMO 313)
3) Bedford (?) Panel Delivery (LUV 569)


A70 Hampshire Hearse - England

A70 Hampshire Hearse (82K)

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