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Tea Pot Austin

Tea Pot Austin

Tea Pot Austin - Berkley, California (late '80s)

This modified 1949 Austin A40 Devon Sunroof is rumored to have made two trips from Alaska to the tip of South America.

It was known as the "Tea Pot Austin" because the owner had installed a hot water spigot in the glove box compartment.

It also had engine manifold "burners" which allowed food to be cooked.

The Devon was originally modified for long-distance driving by Clarence Dow of Napa, California.

The driving upgrades included:
  • 1800cc MG motor with twin SU carbs
  • Custom built tachometer
  • MG transmission with external cooler
  • Austin-Healey front brakes
  • Telescopic shock absorbers
  • Front sway bar
  • 15 inch wheels (widened)
  • Smith's Heater system from a MG
Some other features included:
  • Engine manifold "burners" to provide for food cooking
  • Larger rear window (from a Somerset)
  • Driving lamps
  • Trailer hitch
  • Custom parts storage (inside deck lid)
  • 6" circulating fan mounted behind rear seat
  • Back door (driver's side) window screened
  • Reclining bucket seats with adjustable track

Tea Pot Engine

1800cc MG Engine with twin SU carbs

Tea Pot Dash

Instruments of Tea Pot Austin (Tachometer and 90+ mph Speedometer)

Tea Pot at MONDA

"Tea Pot Austin" at MONDA - Fresno, California

The "Tea Pot Austin" currently resides at MONDA (Museum of Nearly Dead Austins) in Fresno, California where it is being made roadworthy.

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