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A40 Pick-up A40 Countryman A40 Panel Van

A40 Pick-up
A40 Pick-up (35K)


Undeterred by rough building sites or rutted farm tracks, the A40 "Pick-Up" is a multi-purpose vehicle of exceptional possibilities. With a willing power unit, smooth transmission and firm suspension, it gives a performance that is equal to the most exacting conditions.

The open truck body is sturdily constructed, and with the tailboard lowered additional floor space is afforded and loading is made easier.

The comfortable single-piece seat and handy controls in the "Pick-Up" driving compartment ensure ease of handling, and, as in all Austins, the windows are of toughened glass for safety, and give exceptional driving and maneuvering visibility.

A40 Pick-up (32K)


Cliff Clark - Rosemead, California

A40 Pick-up

A40 Countryman
A40 Countryman (51K)


Although styled the "Countryman" and ideally suited to work on the estate or farm, this A40 passenger or goods carrying model is quite at home in the town where its lively performance and maneuverability simplify the negotiation of traffic-congested streets. It competently fulfils its dual role, being instantly convertible, by folding the rear seat into the floor, from a six-seater with ample space for luggage or goods, to a two-seater with body accommodation for a half-ton load.

With the upper and lower sections of the rear panel opened, the large capacity body is readily accessible for the loading of goods and luggage. When additional floor space is required, the lower panel can be supported by chains in the horizontal position to form an extra platform.

A40 Contryman (113K)


Joe Vavra - Gowrie, A.C.T., Australia

A40 Countryman

A40 Panel Van
A40 Panel Van (62K)


Here is the ideal means of delivering goods which require a closed vehicle. Quick off the mark, easy to handle, and with a suspension which allows the safe carriage of maximum loads or the most fragile commodities, the A40 Van will provide a valuable asset to the go-ahead business concern. And its pleasing outward appearance provides excellent scope for attractive sign writing.

The driving position in the A40 Van is "just right", with conveniently placed controls and an open view of the road in front and on either side. Closely grouped, clear-faced instruments are easily visible through the large diameter steering wheel. Swiveling panels in the door windows provide drought-free ventilation, and there is provision for a built-in heating and windscreen de-frosting unit.

Wide opening rear doors give easy access to the 116-cub. ft. body, while the comparatively low floor ensures a minimum lift when goods are being placed inside the van. The load is also readily accessible from the driving seat. A spare wheel is housed in a recess under the floor at the rear of the body and is safely secured by the closing of the rear doors.

A40 Panel Van (56K)


John Cato Crane - Liverpool, England

A40 Panel Van

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