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Austin Twelve (34K)

Here is a model new to the Austin range - the popular Twelve Saloon chassis mounted with a mahogany panelled Shooting Brake body of a design and with equipment which will make an instant appeal in the sporting and commercial world. The sturdiness and power of this chassis is well-suited to the needs of a vehicle of this kind, with its four doors and completely opening back. The construction of this body naturally varies considerably from normal car coachwork and full attention has been given to its equipment to meet the special duties for which it is designed. It can cope with the heavy demands not only of Country Estate work, but of Hotel and Station works. The body provides ample accomodations for the needs of this special service, seating six persons with room for bulky sporting equipment and luggage.

The rear view of the Austin Shooting Brake shows the tail-board type of opening for both top and bottom of body, giving not only ease of loading, but extended floor space when necessary, as the tail-board can be secured horizontally. This special four-door body is constructed of 1/4" Mahogany panels and Ash framing, with Triplex toughened glass screens. The hinged and detachable tail-board (to which the spare wheel is attached) is also of Mahogany. All upholstery is of real leather throughout, and the roofing is carried out in heavy waterproof material.


Austin Sixteen Side View (89K)

For the Countryman

The Austin Sixteen Shooting Brake may well be considered the ideal vehicle for the countryman. It provides really comfortable travelling for four adults with generous platform space behind the rear seat for luggage or sporting equipment and, when occasion demands, the rear seat can be quickly folded down to provide an exceptionally large rear platform for goods carrying.

The body, of ash framed construction, is smart and serviceable in appearance and the four forward hinged doors permit quick access to the large, deep and adjustable front seats and deeply cushioned rear seats. Toughened glass is used in all windows and both driving and passenger visibility is remarkably good.

Austin Sixteen Rear View (30K)

On the road the Sixteen Shooting Brake proves that it is fully capable of giving a highly satisfying performance at all times. The overhead valve engine, which has a high power output, makes short work of the steepest hill or the worst road conditions and provides that rapid acceleration which proves so useful in traffic, or when overtaking a slow moving vehicle on the open road. Variable ratio Cam gearing steering simplifies difficult manouervring on full lock and powerful Girling brakes provide that confidence of control essential for safe driving.

For convenience and for dependable all round service the Sixteen Shooting Brake makes an immediate appeal to the country motorist who looks for the practical points, and utility, as well as refinement.

Stoneleigh Town and Country Festival 1986 - England

Austin Sixteen - United Kingdom (39K)


A90 Atlantic Estate Car (LYC414) - England

A90 Austin Atlantic Estate Car (93K)

A90 Atlantic Estate Car (Restoring Classic Cars)

A90 Austin Atlantic Estate Car (93K)


A125 Sheerline Estate Car - England

A125 Sheerline Estate Car (27K)

August 1, 1952:

An elaborate estate body has been built on an Austin Sheerline chassis by Zenith Motor and Engineering Works, Ltd. 591, Commercial Road, London, E.1. The vehicle was specially ordered by Bowaters Sales Co., Ltd., of 72, Upper Ground, Blackfriars, London, S.E.1, who bought it for carrying their overseas visitors to this country.

There is accommodation for eight people. Behind the driving seat there are two folding seats, and behind these is a bench-type seat for three which can be folded flush with the floor boards when not in use, thereby providing considerable luggage space.

Interior door and roof panels are veneered to match the facia, and walnut fillets are used. The inner body panels are made of plastic with mahogany graining; and the body structure is framed ash varnished in natural colour. A gold-metallic finish is employed on the metal parts of the body.

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